was created to help my children, the youth I work with at church, and anyone else with a FamilySearch account to become better acquainted with their ancestors in a unique and interesting way.

A challenge was given to help youth become more involved with family history. Many youth get a FamilySearch account and log in and set it up. After that, only a portion take an interest in learning more about their ancestors and doing family history work.

I've wondered how I could help them become more interested. How can they feel more connected to their ancestors and have that spark kindled within them, leading them to do family history work?

I saw the usefulness of educational games and puzzles in other areas, so I applied it here. I created to provide new and engaging ways to learn about your family. It uses FamilySearch data to create personalized games and puzzles featuring your ancestors. It's a fun way to learn for everyone, both experienced genealogists and those not yet hooked on family history.

I've benefited from it, my children have benefited from it, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone else. I'm also excited about the many additional games I hope to add in the near future.

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