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jupyter nootebook, python

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hackers and deep learner

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Data science, machine learning, analzing, modelling and more things

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  1. Conclusion So most non-band musicians do 1-3 songs per halftime show. It's important to note that the duration of the halftime show is fixed (roughly 12 minutes) so songs per performance is more a measure of how many hit songs you have. JT went off in 2018, wow. 11 songs! Diana Ross comes in second with 10 in her medley in 1996.

In this notebook, we loaded, cleaned, then explored Super Bowl game, television, and halftime show data. We visualized the distributions of combined points, point differences, and halftime show performances using histograms. We used line plots to see how ad cost increases lagged behind viewership increases. And we discovered that blowouts do appear to lead to a drop in viewers.

This year's Big Game will be here before you know it. Who do you think will win Super Bowl LIII?

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