The idea for Anatomy Academy came to me in the middle of a lecture during my Biology class. I noticed that some of the students around me were evidently having a hard time understanding the way that the human body functions day to day. So with the help of my Biology teacher, Mr.Jackson, and my Game Design teacher, Mr.Barge, I started to form a concept for a game that would explain human anatomy in a short, friendly manner. My main objective was to make the interface of the game user friendly. To accomplish this goal, I made all the sprites from scratch using Photoshop CS6 to make the most realistic, yet friendly looking sprites I could get. The coding of the game was definitely easier since that is the field where I have more knowledge. I didn't use too much complicated coding, just simple things that would get me what I wanted and accomplish the vision I had for this game. Now that it is complete I can say with confidence that my favorite feature is the distinct mechanic my game has, which would be the simulations of the human body systems in a fun mini-game format. As you can deduct, my game is mostly aimed at high school students, but given it's easy to use user-interface anybody of any age can use this app to strengthen their knowledge on the human body!

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