We noticed that some days we remain productive and happy despite stressful events, but other days we become overwhelmed and un-productive. We began wondering if we could use personal data to predict our happiness and productivity. We then found many examples of 'quantified self' gurus who recorded their personal data and found useful insights, such as one person finding that coffee negatively impacted their productivity. Additionally, many apps and hardware devices have been developed to collect a multitude of data types, (such as SleepCycle, toDoList Apps, FitBit Watch, Pandora, MyFitnessPal etc). However, there doesn't exist a place to easily analyze all this data together. Therefore we wanted to bring an easy to use web app that would allow users without statistical knowledge to leverage personal data from a variety of sources and also gives users the option to collect daily variables that they think could impact their life. We called our web app ananda - which means 'finding inner joy'.

Our current prototype allows a user to login and import data and explore connections between any two collected variables. When we analyzed our own data from sleepCycle, WunderList, and daily questions , we found some unexpected (and sometimes humorous) discoveries.

--(Josh McMenemy, Suyash Kumar, Mike G, Eleanor Mehlenbacher, and Ouwen Huang)

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