The motto to create and Innovate inspired us to be here

What it does

It Analyzes the data and uses the analyzed data to help visualize the customers

How we built it

we used python to create interactive bar graphs using data from .CSV file and the front end is built with PHP with bootstrap incorporated in it so that the website can be customized in any screen size device a person is using to access the site.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of Domain knowledge Understanding the capabilities of the existing system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing the visuals which can keep the customers attentive

What we learned

A lot about the domain and the contribution of ILS in this domain and the problems being faced in the existing . How to face the real life problems using the acquired knowledge in School.

What's next for AnalyticsAsAService

Adding the fast growing analytical models for marketing and operations it becomes clear that the service providers will have to move to analytics factory which will guide the running of their company.

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