What it does

Improvisation of the operations process

How we built it

Integrating multiple platforms through IoT

Challenges we ran into

Mobile integration LCD message flash

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Leveraging APM 2.Integration with Intel Edison (two way communication) 3.Smooth integration with PREDIX machine

  1. Dummy analytic for the sensor data
  2. Service to expose the outcome of the Analytic (Timeseries data)
  3. Show the location of the device on Google map
  4. Push notification to mobile for threshold breach
  5. Mobile app & NodeJS module to flash a message on the LCD
  6. Implementation of Threshold breach Dashboard

What we learned

NodeJS modules for Intel Edison board Multiple combinations of modules (Intel Edison) to meet the business solutions

What's next for Analytic guided operations assistance

  1. Ability to send command from microapp to display the message on LCD
  2. Threshold breach check (after a fixed interval) and self-signalling through LED and Buzzer
  3. NodeJS module to accept the signal from Rotary Angle sensor
  4. NodeJS module to drive the Stepper motor
+ 10 more
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