One of our group members is currently working as an analyst at an investment firm and one of his responsibilities is to do analysis and valuations of public companies. He thought it was a little cumbersome to keep searching through Yahoo Finance to find the info he needed, so he thought of an idea for an Alexa App that can answer any queries you might have about any given stock.

What it does

Analyst Alexa can answer any questions about quotes, historical and projected earnings, key financial ratios, breaking news, and can allow you to track particular stocks in a personal watchlist.

How we built it

We built this voice app using Voiceflow and the Yahoo API. Voiceflow allowed us to control program logic and specify various interactions the user would have with the Voice app. The Yahoo API allowed us to convert stock names specified by the user to the appropriate symbols and then find the specific information we were looking for. We also used the Bloomberg API to extract the most recent news headlines about a specified stock.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we ran into was learning how to use Voiceflow. This was the first time our entire group had made a voice app and used Voiceflow so we had to spend some time becoming familiar with the technology. We also had some difficulty finding the appropriate APIs to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of being able to complete a working version of our idea. This was our first hackathon and we were happy to have organized ourselves in a way that enabled us to finish it. We are also proud of all of the knowledge we equipped Analyst Alexa with, so that users can ask it as many questions as it would be interested in.

What we learned

I think the most significant thing we learned was how to use Voiceflow. Voiceflow is a very powerful technology and we are glad we were able to learn how to use this. We also improved our teamwork skills through all of the communication and delegating that we did.

What's next for Analyst Alexa

We hope we can expand Analyst Alexa's knowledge and maybe eventually execute trades through Alexa.

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