Refugee crises are in the news. We thought we would do a deeper dive with some interesting data sets. Plus it was a prompt.

What it does

Displays a time series of refugee data, allowing easy comparison and visualization of change over time

How we built it

Largely tableau, for both data exploration and visualization, then AWS for hosting the site itself.

Challenges we ran into

We had some interesting plans to embed twitter or other social media information into the page, but Tableau and Twitter both seem to have built in barriers against this to prevent hacking. We struggled with this for a while before abandoning it as a dead end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a final product!

What we learned

It's frustrating when country data doesn't standardize around ISO codes! Normalize data! For the people! Also, while Tableau is beautiful and easy for simple things, it falls apart fast when you try to get more ambitious. With a little more time (or experience.... or confidence...), a more comprehensive tool could have been made in leaflet or another D3.js driven dashboard.

What's next for Analysis: Refugees World Wide

We go back and explore our dead ends we didn't have time for. Bring in more data. Add fancier links. Take more risks.

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