Because of spread out of COVID 19 spontaneously, countries do not have enough testing kits and laboratories. For primary screening government checks body temperature only. Temperature may also be a rise in normal fever, normal flu and several other diseases. Because of this problem, laboratory has lots of case to check for COVID 19 per day. This approach delays the report of a suspect, put additional burden on labs and rise consumption of testing kits.

What it does

There are several benefits which can be facilitated after solving this problem. Primary,lt will reduce workload of laboratory and on testing kits. Secondly, administration has a clear and focus idea about the COVID 19 patient data, for example (Gujarat state of India had suspect on 1160 cases, among them only 5 or 6 cases are positive). It also saves assets of administrations. Apart from this, if set of device monitor the quarantine human, administration get a better idea of the condition of patients. Device also helps to monitor the progress or recovery of patient having corona.

How I built it

We built it by employing a processing unit and GUI which generates a graph of respiration.

Challenges I ran into

Because, developing countries and even some of developed countries had a problem to find a proper number of testing kits. This is not because they are not capable to manufacture it, it is because they do false testing (like from 1000s of test we find only 10s of positive). So it raise a question on our monitoring system which is based on temperature.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud to mention here that, project idea was selected in to "Hack the Crisis India" hackathon. Team got _6th rank_among 3000 team application and 15000+ students. Idea also selected into SSIP (Student Startup Innovation Program).

What's next for Analysis of respiratory parameter for COVID19

We make device and GUI which can monitor all parameter along with respiratory rate. We will make device which is wireless and based on IoT. we try to project and process GUI on a mobile phone of an individual so that device can be easily used.

Built With

  • graphical-user-interface
  • hardware
  • processing-unit
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