Having been a part of restaurants as part time workers, we could relate to the issues of food insecurity. Hence we chose to show the disparity between food wastage and food shortage and bring awareness with the help of statistics available. We added custom skills related to food insecurity to Amazon Echo using Amazon web services and analyzed the datasets based on hunger using pandas. We ran into issues with Echo, as it was not able to recognize the location but eventually came up with a solution. Datasets related to food insecurity were difficult to find and the ones which were found had missing values. So we tried to combine various datasets to get the relevant information. We are proud as we were able to work on a major social issue. We learned about Amazon web services and python. The next step for our project would be to add more skills to Echo, where it can read tweet data and make it more personalized so that each person can keep a track of their food wastage and optimize it.

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