Where you shop, the websites you visit and whom you connect with on social media could influence whether you’re approved for credit, your interest rates and the offers you receive from banks for new products and services. Financial institutions learn these things about you through “Big Data,” massive amounts of collected information specially processed to reveal useful insights.

What it does

Determine a score based on ATM data (location) provided by Capital One and Crime data from external API.

Used Money Transfer data to determine most active customer (potential customer)with current user. Using facebook api to collect information for that person.Also we can prioritize the most active users list based on their transactions with the current user.

Analysed stats if person is over spending so that there could be chance of high interest rates.

How I built it

Spent lot of time in backend development and complex json object parsing.Correct usage of REST APIs with some algorithmic thoughts.

Challenges I ran into

Finding APIs for Crime data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have a working prototype.

What I learned

Java,Web services,REST APIs

What's next for Analysis

GUI and more analysis of crucial data.

Built With

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