Analog Date Clock has been designed to be simple and useful. The watch face is very easy to read. It uses very simple hands indicating the current time. Background include big day of month, day of the week and the month appear as short abbreviations. Corners are composed of two indicators for battery status and for Bluetooth connectivity. Analog Date Clock can easily be changed by touching the watch face. You can set the clock for your activity and style. There are four themes. The first one is black with white numbers and hands. It is ideal for work in office. The face of this watch contains solid black background so yours Gear wallpaper can be very colourful and you still be able to read the time. The second clock has a white background and black numbers. It is perfect for outdoor activity because it provides better contrast on a sunny day. The third and four watch faces are very similar, but the background is transparent so you can see the Gear wallpaper always. You can change the background very often to perfectly match your mood and outfit.

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