From fear to joy to feelings of disgust, is it possible to quantify emotions?

What it does

Ana analyzes the most popular and recent social media postings. She presents real-time graphs and comparisons, displaying social media's emotional response to current events. The user may also interact with filters on keywords, create comparative bar graphs, and even download the data for further analysis.

How We built it

Ana requests data from Reddit and Twitter, collecting the most popular opinions. She uses IBM Watson to determine people's feelings towards an event. This information is then compiled into multiple graphs through chart.js and displayed to the user in a simple user interface built with React js.

Challenges We ran into

Using the API's for social media platforms required us to read a lot of documentation and experiment. Brainstorming and refining the idea was a challenge because we couldn't put in every feature we wanted and had to choose.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're definitely proud of the awesome data visualization and its practicality for businesses, users, and data analysts alike. We really like that we were also able to display comparisons between keywords and even allow users to search through the related posts.

What We learned

We learned how to use API's for interacting with social media, working with IBM Watson AI, and how to manage in a team. We discovered that brainstorming and planning each step carefully prevents many possible errors and leads to a more refined, developed project.

What's next for Ana-frontend

We plan on expanding to more social media platforms. We would also like to add more data visualization techniques so users can get more information on the topics.

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