Inspiration: Over the summer, our team members worked as Orientation Leaders for UT Dallas. Throughout our journey, we realized that incoming freshmen that were not able to visit campus were generally lost and confused when it came to navigating UT Dallas. Additionally, they were unaware of lounge areas and places to study, so they were not able to fully take advantage of the university's facilities. Speaking from our experiences as orientation leaders, we knew that the students wanted other resources to get more familiar with everything that UT Dallas has to offer. To solve this issue, we have created Xperience UTD [3D].

What it does: Xperience UTD allows incoming students who are unable to visit the campus the ability to experience what UT Dallas is like. Students are provided with insight into the actual sizing and space available in rooms and ratings of classrooms based on quality of seating, A/C, and outlet availability. This resource can play a large role in student life at UT Dallas due to the helpful components it has to offer.

How we built it: Before we began building, we took a crash course over the basics of Amazon Sumerian. Then, we used Amazon Sumerian to build the entire layout of the facility.

Challenges we ran into: The hardest challenge we faced was learning the software. None of us were experienced with Amazon Sumerian, so we were forced to learn it in a limited amount of time. Building the furniture was difficult at times, especially since we had little to no experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of our ability to adapt and learn in a short period of time. Before the Hackathon, none of us had ever used Amazon Sumerian, so we had to master the basic skills of this software.

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