Inspiration: Problems that women (especially in such a good looking dress) face all the time.

What it does: You can send a text message to a friend by simply touching your shoulder while in a conversation to send a "help me" text

How I built it: A raspberry pi with wireless capabilities that uses twilio for messaging utilized in a beautiful dress made entirely at the hackathon. The dress was flat patterned, draped and laser cut using multiple fabric.

Challenges I ran into: The pi had huge issues with wireless and a few wiped files. The laser cutter was new for all of us but was interesting to learn to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: It was the first time we set up a pi with wireless capabilities and the first time we laser cut fabric. Also by the end we had two full garments ready to wear

What I learned: Learned how to laser cut fabric, and how to use a pi to wirelessly and portably run programs

What's next for An Eve Without Adam: A UI interface to edit who you send the message to and the message itself. More diverse dress selection and more compact electronics

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