When we first started, all we knew was that we wanted to create not just an informative website, but an application where people can actually enjoy the learning process. Our initial idea was to create a personality quiz game where players could learn about endangered species and the environment along the way. However, we slowly evolved this until it became more of a choose-your-own-adventure style game where the audience could easily digest all the information we present.

What it does

An Environmental Dilemma demonstrates the struggles of dealing with environmental issues, especially since there's usually no perfect course of action, and it shows why there has not been a simple solution to date.

How we built it

Our application was developed using HTML and CSS on the website, and we used multiple linked pages to create the effect of a choose-your-own-adventure style game. The pages were linked using simple buttons with action-based choices, and the only way to arrive at a specific outcome would be to select these choices in the corresponding order.

Challenges we ran into

When creating An Environmental Dilemma, we struggled with the formatting of the application and we spent a lot of time debating how our idea should be implemented, but as we worked together, we were able to overcome these challenges and create an outcome we were pleased with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are really proud that we were able to design a game with so little coding experience, and we achieved more than we originally thought we could. We had originally assumed that we would be unable to make much more than a simple informative website, but we ended up with a fun and creative game. From the aesthetic of the website to the concept, everything turned out much better than expected.

What we learned

All of the members of our team had little to no prior experience with HTML or CSS, so we were able to acquire new skills in this area and refine our knowledge. As a team, we also got to learn a lot about environmental issues such as slash and burn agriculture and how it affects our people, environment, and economy. We also had the opportunity to walk through the challenges faced by leaders worldwide, and it was eye-opening to see why there is no one correct answer to any large problem.

What's next for An Environmental Dilemma

If we were given the opportunity to expand, we would make the storyline more complex by adding more characters, information, and possible outcomes. We could also add more scenarios involving other environmental issues.

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