Webrooming & Showrooming is killing retail, several stores are closed and many going bankrupt. We believe digital coins can save this industry and help retailers connect with consumers directly by building better loyalty programs via BCOIN.

What it does

PricePong offers just-in-time API to retailers to help customers get the instant price match, with BCOIN now we can store that savings into customer wallet for future usage. BCOIN can help retailers build a strong loyalty program, that builds a strong relation between retailers & consumers.

How I built it

Providing wallet as a service to enterprise grade retailers.

Challenges I ran into

Multiple accounts under one bcoin setup

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've been in research to build a digital wallet to be accessible across retailers, but security and privacy were our biggest concerns. With bcoin now we are confident that we can deliver a robust enterprise grade wallet to large scale retailers.

What I learned

BCOIN is secure & awesome

What's next for An Enterprise Grade Digital Loyalty Wallet

To make BCOIN integration as our next priority in product roadmap

Built With

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