To solve the real life problem which can improve my analysis skills

What it does

Three correlation factors are found and analysed, which are water level variations, running period of pumping station and power consumption distribution.

How I built it

Firstly, the water level variations data is calculated, these type of data are sufficient. By compaying the normal pattern with abnormal pattern of pumping station, the trend of blockages can be identified.

Then, the running period is developed. because if the blockages enter into the pumping station, the operation time will be significantly increasing.

Last, the power consumption of pump, is another important factors which can be used to predict the failure of pump station.

Challenges I ran into

Understand the data, I have asked many questions to find the right data,many thanks to the kind staffs.

Some important data are not available, for example, normal running period data and hourly power consumption data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The model is effective, it does forecast the blocakge which can prevent the pollutions in advance.

What I learned

The whole pumping station, the seweage system.

What's next for An effective model for pollutions prediction in SPS

Model improvement, the model is for example, each pumping station has its own model, which should be built individually.

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