The solution for eliminating calls from illegal Robocallers developed by Prologue Communications LLC that meets all of the FTC’s requirements for stopping all robocalls is a passive, carrier-based subscriber service that filters calls. It is simple and yet elegant and called StopRoboCalls™. Its function is to determine whether calls to its subscribers are either from a legally permitted (as defined by the FTC) or a live caller. If the call meets one of these conditions the call is passed to the subscriber. Using the StopRoboCalls™ service, which will be provided by the carrier, it is impossible for automated calls from unregistered callers including those from illegal robocallers to ring a subscriber’s phone.

StopRoboCalls™ is run by the subscribers’ carriers e.g., AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, is not an app, and because of this will work on any phone, anywhere. The service is passive, requiring nothing of the subscriber other than to make a monthly payment.

The key and patented part of the StopRoboCalls™ service is the Known Caller Registry™ database where the registered caller’s (e.g., Reverse 911, Charities, Political, etc.) phone number(s) are the private identifier used to determine whether a caller is authorized to call subscribers i.e., that they are registered with the FTC. When a registered caller calls StopRoboCalls™, it simply looks up the phone number in the Known Caller Registry™ and if found i.e., it belongs to a registered legally permitted caller, it places the call and if not determines whether the call is from a live caller. If neither condition is met the call is terminated.

StopRoboCalls™ performs two functions to protect its subscribers: 1.) Determines if caller is legally permitted to make the call i.e., registered with the FTC. 2.) Determines if caller is live by requiring a response to a simple test such as repeating a random number on their phone after being prompted to do so.

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