Inspiration.. I gained the inspiration for the creation of this app from countless hours of research on outer space topics I believed it would be a fun and effective way to deliver crucial information to the general public.

What it does... This app allows its users to view crucial information, ranging from lunar cycles to pictures of sputnik, at its current stages the app seems rudimentary but with extra work and some more time the app will definitely be a huge hit

How I built it.. Building this app was extremely fun I would spend night just tweaking around with the codes, and lines of text as to get what I wanted from the app. I set up an interactive map of the locations of observatories as well as interactive maps of the lunar calendar etc.

Challenges I ran into.. Some major challenges I ran into were when I had to juggle between school work and the creation of my app. Many days I would have to delay working on it due to heavy work loads, there were days where I would find myself up at the crack of dawn trying to changes little things here and there for the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.. I am proud that I was able to complete the app at all I have never worked with coding or even with an app designer, it is smoothly and free flowing which is something I worked extremely hard on doing.

What I learned... I learned the essentials of coding as well as how to manage my time better. I could even say that building this app helped me even think more logically about the word.

What's next for An All out Guide to the Stars.. Next I would like the app to include even more information ranging a bunch more topics then those already listed in its content.

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