Who is A.M.Y.?

A.M.Y. (Assisting Mood in Youth) is an intelligent AI chatbot that helps you de-stress at the end of the day. A.M.Y. asks you a series of questions about your day, your mood, and helps you reflect and unwind. A.M.Y. gives you positive encouragement and inspiration, support and assistance when you are feeling down, and can even help when you are in a crisis to contact appropriate resources. A.M.Y. is accessible as a Facebook messenger chatbot, a separate standalone web chatbot, Amazon Alexa skill (still in testing) and has an Android app that tracks your responses and provides insight on your mood over time.

How I built it

A.M.Y. was built using the Flow.ai chatbot toolkit, and uses natural language processing to parse user input and deliver the appropriate responses. We first designed the conversation flow, and then mapped out the conversation in Flow.ai. Then, we trained the machine learning model in Flow.ai to detect key elements in user input, and return the appropriate response to the user. Flow.ai chatbots can then be deployed to external channels, and we integrated the A.M.Y. chatbot to Facebook messenger, a standalone web chatbot, as well as Amazon Alexa. The Android app currently is not dynamically linked to a user's conversations, however the prototype demonstrates the reporting and tracking abilities of the app.

What's next for A.M.Y. - Assisting Mood in Youth

A.M.Y. will be fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, as currently there are some minor Alexa Skill invocation problems that have to be resolved. Furthermore, the Android app will dynamically track users' responses, and provide relevant insight on their mood over time.

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