Target users

-People who commute a lot -students who go on risky road trips -late night drivers -truck drivers -basically everyone with an automobile


-road safety -improving driving experience -make new technologies such as Muse more useful in day to day life for the benefit of the society

How it works

Driver wears a Muse headband while driving - the gathered data using the Muse headband within the first few minutes of driving are considered to be the neutral state of the user. Whenever the brain activity changes from the neutral state to either extreme low/high, the driver is considered to be either in the state of sleepiness or distraction/anger. These driving conditions may cause accidents. aMUSEment is the solution that monitors drivers' brain activities and plays 'energizing' or 'de-energizing' music to keep the driver out of sleepiness and road rage respectively. Energizing music will pump up the driver and de-energizing music will help the driver calm down.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, it was an Android project. However due to the lack of documentation support and time constraint we had to switch to a web-based platform. We also had only one Muse headband which slowed down the making and testing process. Our team also had many new learners which meant we have to work extra hard to finish the project time.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

-first ever completed project -teamwork and collaboration -over coming the skill gap between university students and high school students -learn a lot of programming skills -craft an effective pitch -working effectively in an intense sleep deprived state

What we learned

-learning knew skills; node, angular, mongoDB, Muse headset, Spotify API and global environment variables -time management -mentors are awesome

What's next for aMUSEment

-keeping records of data to keep an eye on for potential trends in brain activity -detailed graphical and mathematical analysis -drawing connection between brain activities and traffic conditions -person to person calibration -keep up to date with the advancements of Muse hardware -expand environments in which aMUSEment can be used -collective database for research purposes to improve social conditions of target users

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