We wanted to make a game that used as many new technologies as possible. This meant that almost everything integrated into the project was learned on-the-fly by our team members. None of us had prior experience at all with Unity, Oculus, Myo, Muse, C#, etc. but we managed to put something together!!

What it does

The objective is to fight a robot in a mystical forest. You may punch, block, dodge and heal, and each of these four moves requires specific gestures powered by the Myo or Muse.

How we built it

It is coded using C#, JavaScript, Processing & Lua. Including Muse EEG, Myo Armband as the hardware, and hopefully Oculus if we can get it to work before 1:30 PM.

Challenges we ran into

We faced challenges every time we tried a new piece of hardware or a new programming language, since we had to learn it all from complete scratch.

Accomplishments that we proud of

We were actually able to piece something together using hardware/software we had never previously touched before.

What we learned

Literally everything needed to make this game work, from absolute scratch.

What's next for aMUSEing Game

We would like to make a multiplayer mode, where 2 players can compete each other. Putting new character models, character animations, character signature moves, and also different levels would make a great idea for the future of this project.

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