is an interface that utilizes Muse and MuseLab SDK. It extracts a neural signal from four different channels and then an analysis is carried out to detect an intent of thought by eye closure. The eye closure makes the event related potential in the neural signal on the action being performed which is recorded by Muse. The event related potential being elicited by eye closure is then further interfaced with an hardware system (Arduino) which show concepts of Home Automation.

What we allow users to do is to learn about their mental states in an accurate sense through complex analyses of their neural signals and including the AMuse interface itself, through their thought processes. An instance of this is our suggestion that users do not use a trackpad or a mouse to scroll through our interface — it scrolls by itself according to signals of eye closure, derived from algorithmic analysis of brain waves. We allow users to learn about their attention levels, their memory, and their anxiety levels from waves we receive. We believe that these capacities we allow the users to have are incredibly powerful by nature.

Through the fundamental programming concepts of Math, Computer Science and incorporating techniques of socket client interaction, filtration procedures and threshold classification, we have been able to dive into the deeper complex world of brain signals revealing many great possibilities this field holds in future and there are still many more to come

Hardware Requirements

  1. Arduino-UNO
  2. Muse Headgear

Other Requirements

  1. Muse Labs SDK
  2. Arduino Package (can be downloaded from application if you get the other requirements)


  1. To connect to the website and connect using your Muse headband
  2. Check your device connections by following the web client
  3. Easy interaction with eye closure scroll
  4. Analysis shown for academic knowledge and variable real time change
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