Due to the current Corona Pandemic and a complete lockdown enforced in our country for more than a month, it became difficult for employees to find new opportunities and companies to recruit new talent as face to face interviews are always the first step. We started working on this tool to help out employees, who have either lost their job or got a pay cut to look for appropriate opportunities for themselves but now we have realized that this tool has a much larger applicability even in the post Covid-19 times

What it does:

To put it simple, it helps recruiters/employers screen multiple applicants based on pre recorded video interviews with role specific questions, avoiding traditional phone screening process which leads to spending hours on non qualified candidates. Here appointment scheduling with candidates becomes obsolete.

How we built it :

We have built the initial version using Python & Django for our Backend Server and are currently using Vanilla Javascript for all the front-end user interactions. For the HR Dashboard we are using Bootstrap as our UI Framework. For Video Transcoding & Hosting we are using MUX as our video backend and is hosted on Google Cloud which allows easy scalability and security. Additionally we are using Mailgun for sending emails and Google Analytics for tracking user events.

Challenges we ran into :

1) Front-end is something that we lack in the team, which restricted us to produce the UI for the topical structured questionnaire feature. 2) We realized GDPR compliance is something that needs to be incorporated for the tool so that it is ready for European Market. We will have this in place in near future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

AmpUp is a completely marketable tool and did a beta test with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, an international non-governmental organization working in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment) last month facilitating the Earth Hour Qatar 2020 campaign by collecting testimonials from users around the world. Post the campaign, AmpUp delivered this video montage ( of all collected user video which summarizes the success of the campaign.

What we learned :

1) Traditional phone screening process which is a huge time/effort consuming task could be automated by having a simple asynchronous video interview model that can fasten the screening process. 2) A simple URL based tool which is agnostic to ATS/mailing client that adds value to recruiters by simply plugging it into their existing screening process. 3) The power of pre-recorded interviews should be available to every recruiter, unlike other services in the market which expects you to onboard onto their ATS to access this functionality. 4) Mentors shared with us a few research papers and studies done wrt applicant's psychology when it comes to the questions asked during screening, eliminating bias and technology/AI being too intrusive and doing evaluations that are beyond its scope. This learning will be useful in making informed product decisions as we build this software..

What's next for #43 AmpUp:

Product Feature: We realize that having a topical structured questionnaire is a must have feature. In this hackathon we have built a basic structure for this. We intend to make this market ready by next week.

We will reach out to relevant organizations in our home country and abroad to integrate the tool with their systems. We will also try to venture out to find additional avenues to implement AmpUp's functionality. Following are the two use cases which we would like to explore in near future:

1) Employee Testimonial Collection: To easily collect employee testimonials which can be used to showcase culture/work in SM/glassdoor/LinkedIn etc. This will help better the organization's brand image. Here the cost is minimal as compared to using a team of video profs.

2) Employee Grievances Collection: On a timely manner Organization can start collecting issues/grievances

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