Saw the pusher demo and heard it beep. So I thought it should be able to play mp3 sounds, and multiple people should be able to amplify a song

What it does

It generates a 'room' after a host uploads a mp3 file.

users type in the rooms url e.g. (which is randomly generated)

host pushes music after the mp3 files done buffering and everyone listens to the same tunes simultaneously making an array of stereo speakers

How I built it

AWS & nodejs for backend. HTML & CSS, Javascript & jquery for front-end Pusher API

Challenges I ran into

Learning Javascript and other things without prior knowledge. Get (or attempt to) Pusher working properly. Working with CSS when it doesn't want to align things properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting music playing on the web, Getting the music player to work and colored blue (REALLY it was in base64 svg and was a mess to convert). Using bash for backend.

What I learned

HTML & CSS, Javascript, Jquery, NodeJS. Things break either fix it or break it more

What's next for

V2.0 :D

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