Track – Real-time, end-to-end tracking of evacuees is critical to managing evacuation efforts. What tools can we develop to better account for individuals and families; locate individuals who are unaccounted for; and confirm the identity and track the status of people throughout the evacuation process? How do we connect families with relatives impacted by the disaster? How can we track patients throughout the process, ensuring access to medical records and a continuum of care?

What it does

Aggregate Incident Awareness & Assessment - TRACK distressed areas with visual data-feeds in real-time.

How I built it

We optimized the use of Ushahidi in order to collect meaningful visual & associated text data, including the Mavic 2 Enterprise dual camera to quickly include location-specific media and also Algorithmia to productionize Machine Learning models and better standardize data exchange across partner providers, NGO's, citizen-provided updates and related media.

Challenges I ran into

1) Source of data? 2) Standardization of Description of Situation by Incident, Awareness & Assessment 3) Output and sharing of information

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team has really reviewed the need to both aggregate data input but also facilitate the directions this solution can drive standardized data aggregation and improved tracking of distressed communities.

What I learned

Keep it Simple - easy to use - read and analyze

What's next for Amplify Spotlight

Deeper partnerships:

  • Partner optimization and use of Algorithmia to leverage AI and Machine Learning APIs
  • State Emergency officials Use Case: Command & Control Center -> Push out accordingly
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