We are inspired by all the issues in the world that aren't getting enough press. We wanted this news to be heard by the general public as we, the people, have the power to solve these matters. Using our website, people can read about some lesser-known topics and take action. We built this project using a plethora of different technologies, such as Python, AI, the News API, CSS, and HTML. We used a web scraper to find all the reliable news articles, and the AI outputted a summary of each article. Our website was built using HTML and CSS. There were several issues that we ran into. For example, we struggled to implement the News API, and we had to watch a couple of youtube tutorials to get it to function properly. We are very proud of our website as a whole; we created this website in only a couple of hours; however, we are not done yet. We are working on incorporating ways that the public and help these issues get solved, by donating or by volunteering to help. We would also like to refine our website, and we plan to make the website more visually appealing. I personally learned a lot from my teammates. I came in as a beginner, and they were able to teach me about text summarization in python, how to make a website and edit the text in HTML, and what web scraping was. This is only the beginning of Amplify!

Website: https://nativeamusingcompilers.caineardayfio.repl.co/

Video: https://www.loom.com/share/9e48fd6115b94f49995f09ee905dc968

Code: https://repl.it/@CaineArdayfio/NativeAmusingCompilers#templates/home.html

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