The fan engagement industry has seen a very small amount of innovation relative to similar industries such as live streaming on gaming entertainment platforms like and A major reason for this is the oligopoly of the cable companies and their agreements on who gets the streaming rights per conference. The Amplify team recognized an opportunity to bring the Sports Entertainment Industry to the 21st century.

What it does

Amplify will increase ticket sales, increase fan engagement, and make the stadium-merchant-and-fan transaction more efficient through the use of modern logistic and sales solutions. Amplify has a ticket sales portal to keep all of your sporting event tickets in one, convenient place as well as offering discounts to loyal customers.
Amplify offers fans the option to purchase a ticket to see the game in person, a ticket to access the live stream and all other features offered by the Amplify team, a ticket to access both the game and live stream, and features, or finally a subscription option for users to have unlimited access throughout the entire year.
Amplify also wants to offer fan engagement solutions such as live stream w/ user chat rooms, rewards programs, and push notifications for live stadium event information and flash sales on merchandise and concessions.
Finally, Amplify will increase sales and decrease the resources necessary to keep up with the demand of the fans. Amplify will achieve this through food and merchandise delivery to a fan’s seat, a “Peak Times” module so that fans can avoid long lines, also the stadium will be able to reduce excess inventory by being able to offer the fans short-term, exclusive discounts.

How we built it

Brainstorming with the team, creating renders of a potential final product, bouncing ideas off of the team and being able to "fail quickly and pivot in a better direction".

Challenges we ran into

A challenging factor of this hack-a-thon was the 12 hour window to create your idea into reality. The majority of the time was spent debugging our app. By the time we got our app running properly, the hack-a-thon was winding down. Another challenge was the design element of the app as we all had an idea on how it should look, but when it came down to it, we chose functionality over aesthetic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By the end of the challenge, we were able to create a functioning app that can: use Facebook to log in, show a virtual tour of the Camping World Stadium, and play media videos all in app. The app also features a functioning navigation bar at the bottom that will take you between sections of the app.

What we learned

This is our first time working together as a team and two of our members first time at a hack-a-thon. We learned some of our team mates strengths and weaknesses. We learned how to use Adobe Xd to mock up renders of the app and how different the renders can end up looking from the final product.

What's next for Amplify

We believe in our product and would want to see it implemented in stadiums across the country.

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