Pain points that create friction for new developers to begin working on real bug fixes in the Amazon Amplify framework, and slow down the velocity of experienced external developers who are looking to make a positive impact on the project.

What it does

  • The Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) monorepo tour is a guide for software developers by software developers. This guide aims to help new Amazon engineers and the huge awesome community of open source contributors to get started with the development and improvement of the Amplify CLI.

  • The goal and objective of this guide is to reduce the time taken to get familiar with the code, architecture and configuration of the large number of packages in the Amplify CLI monorepo by explaining the magic happening under the hood when you run a Amplify CLI command on your terminal.

  • Solves open source issue -

How we built it

We used Docusaurus to build our website and GitHub pages for deployment.

Challenges we ran into

  • The Amplify CLI monorepo has over 70 packages with cross dependencies. Understanding the top level project structure to write the guides was challenging.

  • There is a disconnect between user pain points and what contributors work on. This is known as Dunning Kruger Effect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Helps in navigating the fellowship Amplify CLI project for new MLH fellows as well as the open source community in general

-Solving major open source issue for the community and Amazon Amplify CLI team (

What we learned

  • We learnt about the architecture and design of a production level Amazon Amplify framework code base.

  • We learnt how data flows in the project and how Continuous Integration is used and optimized with CircleCI and scripts.

What's next for amplify-cli-monorepo-tour

  • This project is highly extendable. We plan to cover more plugins as we work on our main project during the fellowship.

  • Future roadmap is to cover amplify-category-api, amplify-category-auth, amplify-e2e-tests and amplify-category-function plugins in the code base.

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