We were inspired by connecting musicians to their fans during this pandemic - bringing the scene out to everybody, everywhere.

What it does

Allows fans to keep up with the latest artists' live streams, merch drops, etc.

Running the Code

  1. Clone the Git repository
  2. Inside the created folder, run npm install
  3. Run npm run build, followed by npm start
  4. A browser page should open with the app running.

How we built it

Built a front-end react app with a back-end in node.js, hosted on digitalocean.

Challenges we ran into

We initially tried to use azure for hosting, spent several hours on it, and were forced to pivot to digitalocean.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a slick, beautiful app to connect musicians to their fans.

What we learned

Hackathons require great discipline and determination to succeed. Going for 24 hours straight and doing work that normally takes 3 weeks of regular dev time is an eye-opening experience.

Where will Amplifi go next

We plan to scale up and fully implement our API on a more powerful service such as Azure, where our platform can realize its full potential.

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