⛅️ Inspiration

With the COVID-19 pandemic and online schooling, it's more difficult than ever to stay motivated and work towards goals. We believe that individuals are most committed to their goals when they are held accountable by people with similar goals, as both or all parties will continue to push each other to strive for improvement. Given that we can't see each other in person, many students or adults don't have their friends nearby to keep them accountable or motivated. Even then, individuals may not even have similar goals to their friends, and therefore have no one by their side on their journey to improvement. And that's where ampl.io comes in.

✔️ What it does

amplio: the Latin translation for 'improve'.

ampl.io allows users to keep track of daily, weekly, or monthly goals, all through a clean and intuitive interface. Individuals can easily monitor and check off their own growth, as well as their group's progress on various goals. If someone sees that a member of a goal hasn't made progress, there is an in-app messaging chat made for each goal so users know when their peers could use a little more motivation.

When setting a goal, users can create goals with friends, or they can match with people in the community with similar aims. Though ampl.io does rely on a self-monitored honour system, individuals who genuinely want to improve would be more honest, especially towards strangers. ampl.io intends on limiting the groups to 4 people max to prevent these aims from seeming like a competition, and more as an opportunity to improve together. Ultimately, ampl.io gives users motivation and a sense of community when working towards improvement.

🔥 How we built it

Our prototypes were created through Figma, and then we moved onto React Native to build the front end of our app. For the back end, we used a Flask server to match users, create goals and enable live messaging. We then used Firebase to manage and store user data, goals and chat groups.

⛰ Challenges we ran into

  • This was our first time using Flask and Python for the back end, so we had a bit of trouble setting things up. Once we had it going, it was cool to see everything come together!
  • For some of us, this was our first time using React Native. Though we couldn't get all of our initial aesthetics onto our app, this forced us to simplify our design and make it clean for an easy UI experience. We were lucky to have helpful team members to learn from along the way!

🦙 Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

We are proud of how much we were able to accomplish within the hackathon timeframe, all while getting healthy amounts of sleep! We've created a working interface connected with a functional back end. THIS IS THE LEAST "HARD-CODING" WE'VE EVER DONE!! 🥳

For some of us, we managed to improve on our technical skills; for the others, we learned to work with new languages and platforms this weekend. The overall experience was very rewarding, seeing our app come together :)

🚀 What's next for ampl.io

  • We would like to improve our matching algorithm so that users could be matched on attributes beyond having the same goals (other hobbies, interests, lifestyles, etc.). Hopefully, we can get a machine learning model to work in the future :")
  • We would want to connect ampl.io to phone alarms and calendars to keep users reminded and on track to completing their goals. This would be especially helpful for the weekly and monthly goals.
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