Being part of the content era that has largely shifted to byte sized videos while still relying on Twitter for staying in loop with things that matters resulted in this fusion. It all came together when a group of friends were exchanging screenshots of tweets with each other while interpreting the narrative in their own ways.

What it does

AmphiTweet provides a platform which consists of the editor and the video discovery feature that allows users to transform tweets into fun and creative short videos.

The Editor at the core is where the magic happens. It is where creators can express themselves using tweets and other elements like images and text. When tweets are added, the editor narrates the contents of the tweet using impressively generated text to speech engine. This adds life to the tweets and makes them more immersive. Multiple scenes can be created creating a canvas for the short video you want to publish.

The Content Discovery within the platform allows users to scroll through videos and allows them to like the videos. The profile page is where the creators can delete as well as view all the videos that they have posted. The platform also allows the uploading of custom short videos.

How we built it

The entire platform was built using NextJS, Flask, MongoDB. It is hosted on Linode shared server. All the tweets are fetched by the Twitter API and the conversion of text to speech is fulfilled by the coqui-TTS engine which uses a multi speaker model to give access to many voice options. On the frontend, the editor is built from scratch using fabric-js which provides the canvas upon which content can be created. This canvas is then rendered by remotion-js and remotion- renderer.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we ran into was with the editor. Building video editing tools is a very complex task and the layer of abstraction that the current tooling offers is not very developer friendly. Another challenge was during the hosting of the entire application. We are limited by the resources that we can afford which stops us from using more powerful servers to increase render performance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we went from just a concept and a prototype on Figma to building an entire platform that allows us to create amazing short videos using tweets. The fact that we were able to also deploy the platform for public use within the scope of the hackathon's deadline motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries.

What we learned

We have learned how to take existing systems such as Twitter and think along the lines of finding the latest trends which can further enhance the user experience. This project has taught us the process of breaking down large and complex systems into atomic features which can easily be developed within the given time and resources.

What's next for AmphiTweet

Amphitweet is a just born baby. We are still in the alpha version of our app. We wish to make this app more streamlined to be able to handle videos at a large scale. We are going to actively develop various aspects of the project to improve performance and user experience.

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