Inspiration 💭

According to the report of "Mental Health Statistics for England", 1 in 6 adults suffers from general mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression. Moreover, the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) plans to spend £13 billion to create better mental health services for their citizens.
Furthermore, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people around the globe are losing their loved ones, losing their jobs, suffering from loneliness and experience increased stress from their professions. These problems cause a significant increase in suicide cases and mental illnesses among working adults and teenagers.

What it does❔

This subject inspired us to create a journal app that helps detect early signs of mental disorders and suicidal thoughts via machine learning. The purpose of this app is to provide a safe and secure environment for the users to record their memories and express their emotions. Mentalis allows people to log their day based on their emotions and experiences, by uploading pictures, videos and writing diary entries.
Using Machine Learning and AI, the app analyses any repetitive negative habits or emotions from all the uploaded data and provides advice and suggestions for daily tasks they can complete to improve their mental health.

For example: Going to bed by 10 pm, spending time with family once a week, etc.

The 'Game' 🕹 element

When the user completes a task or maintains a healthy mental state they gain points 🥇 that can unlock more features within the app like receiving more personalised suggestions or be used to buy prizes.
These prizes are provided by partner companies and are things such as a free subscription to music services🎵, spa vouchers🌴, etc. , all relating to relaxing and improving mental health.
Along with aiming to partner with different companies, engaged in mental health improvement, we want to engage in our mission mental health professionals, who can be notified by the app when the user seems to be having any mental/emotional difficulties. The user can decide if the app notifies a professional, a family member, or disable this option altogether.
Premium members, who pay a small monthly subscription fee, will have a more customised experience, in particular with regards to their mental health improvement suggestions and statistics. The AI will build an emotional profile of the user to give more tailored suggestions for improvement and to anticipate if the user is likely to have a mental decline.

How we built it 🏗

App Sketches After researching several different services, we decided to build an app mock-up using Mockplus. Mockplus provided the necessary tools needed to implement our design with the optimal learning curve to succeed in the time limit⌚.

Challenges we ran into 🤓

The app is not able to detect whether the user has actually completed the task. Although wearable devices⌚ would be helpful, it is still not enough to monitor the progress in real life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🌟

We're very proud of the final product, of the way it looks and that it displays the basic functionality to concisely convey our app's purpose.

What we learned

We learned how to use Mockplus and how to stick to design🎨 principles to create something in such a limited time.

What's next for Mentalis

We are planning to start building❗ the project using React.js.

Built With

  • mockplus
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