Among the Universe

Among the Universe is a website built as a project for the Creatica hackathon, aiming to help users explore thousands of discovered exoplanets (plantes outside of our solar system) in our Universe. Using this website, users can explore main characteristics of planets such their as radius, mass, orbital period, density and discovery method. Additionally, this site also displays an image of the Earth and a sketch of the planet in hand, so users can see how the planet and Earth compare in size. Users can also explore planets with characteristics similar to the Earth.


Built using: Python (Flask microframework), HTML, CSS, NASA-Exoplanet-Archive (and NASA Open API).

This website is available here, but if you want to run it on your local machines, then the packages in requirements.txt must be installed first. Download all files in this repo and run


The Jupyter Notebook included in this repo does not affect the website, it is just a medium to test the code, in particular to test data management using Pandas.

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