As millennial ourselves, we seek to revolutionize the accounting industry through digital platforms and adapting work processes to embrace the rapid economic changes and characteristics of the increasing millennial workforce, in hope of increasing productivity and making accountancy a more vibrant career. Just like an amoeba, we hope our solution is able to be prevalent in the the playing field of accountancy with high adaptability and each accountant are able to take ownership of their own development with the help of our solution.

What it does

We came up with a digital eco-system for accounting firms in the full cycle of human capital optimization- from recruitment to retention and upgrading. It is segmented into 3 parts, Accountant Conversion Programme, Accountant-for-hire, and Accountant-in-a-Pocket. (Brief ideas, for more technical features and full features, see slides)

Accountant Conversion Programme ACP is an accountant conversion programme targeted at non-accountancy undergraduates or fresh graduates to undergo skills conversion and move into Accountant or Internal Audit profession. Targeted Internship: Non-accountancy undergrad is placed on internship for 6 months by a participating accounting firm in advance of job placement. Attach-and-Train: Fresh non-accountancy graduate is provided with training and work attachments for 6 months by mentors and supervisors, in advance of job placement, through participating partners in the accountancy sector. Funding Support for Attach-and-Train scheme: Salary Support for 6 months: Participating partner or company will receive salary subsidy from WSG of up to 70% of the graduate's monthly salary, capped at S$4,000 per trainee per month, for up to 6 months. Requirement: The graduate will need to remain at the company for a minimum of 6 months upon placement. Course Fee Subsidy:Participating partner or company will receive course fee subsidy of up to 70% of course fee from SSG, subjected to funding caps. Requirement: The graduate will need to remain at the employing company for a minimum of 6 months upon placement.

Accountant for Hire

  • Search and Apply
  • Book a Career Coach
  • Skills and competencies which can be improved through the digital platform -Digital platform also allows for firms to post advertisements and talents.


  • provides bite-size accounting information, an accountapedia of sorts
  • a recommendation engine for skills refresh based on harmonization of the different accounting skillsets web-scrapped from the different source job portals
  • can use conversational chatbot, or online advisory tools (decision support tool) using NLP for checking against IA tried-and-tested methods, processes and case references
  • can take micro-learning courses, available 24X7, anytime, anywhere that elevates their career to meet their competency needs and training data would be fed back into the competency development framework
  • can take employer-sponsored data/text analytics courses (for making sense of data), risk and portfoilo management (for better risk articulation), cybersecurity courses (for instilling customer data security protection)
  • create a rewards-and-recognition system by measuring the success rate of the buy-in of their audit findings and recommendations, and eventual implementation of their findings at the client's site, and PIR.
  • creation of job rotation requests
  • suggest areas of improvement (AOIs) to work processes that comes with incentives and funding support for experimentations

How I built it

After conceptualizing the main features of what we expect of the digital platform, we create designs of the interface while incorporating the features within. The mobile application prototype is mainly designed in marvel app together with Microsoft PowerPoint while the web portal is designed mainly on Wix. The designs were made to be as intuitive and clear as possible while not compromising the features.

Challenges I ran into

-Managing our time to build the prototype amid our different and busy schedule. -Striking a balance between creation of a digital platform and a the conversion programme without losing focus in any area.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to collaborate with new found friends in the two days of Hackathon to conceptualize and create a online platform to assist people based on the problems millennial face in the accounting industry.

What I learned

The complexity of the challenges faced by the firms and the millennials in the accounting industry. We are more aware the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the team. How to contribute ideas base on our own expertise.

What's next for Amoeba

To get sponsors, industry partners and relevant agencies to collaborate with Team Amoeba. To expand the team so that we can cater to needs of the users better by looking at their feedback and improving the platform on a more regular basis. (Technical capability of Amoeba is kept in PDF)

PDF (Slides) in google drive App prototype in marvelapp link Portal prototype in wix Please contact us via our email address should there be any trouble with the files/links. Cong Sheng: Jia Hui:

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