Come to table 29F !

Have you ever found yourself in a seemingly dangerous area?

Our Android app utilizes crime data from the DC area to visualize hotspots of criminal activity to equip you with information to stay safe. As you walk around DC, the app displays crime trends via a heatmap from the Android Map API. Moreover, there is a general indicator in the ActionBar which alerts you on your relative safety as determined by location of previously reported crimes. AmISafe also scans live Tweets for dangerous reports in DC - anything deemed appropriate (based on a specific filtered words) is added to the map with an icon that is touchable for additional details. Therefore, it features both live updates as well as general trends based on historical data.

Eventually, we would like the functionality of this app to be extended to the entire US so that when you are visiting other locations, you can stay safe. Furthermore, we would like to incorporate a path finding algorithm to determine the safest route when departing for your next adventure.

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