Inspiration- As a child, I was fascinated with biology, as all children are. As a grew older, I started to shift more towards computer science and math. This project has allowed me to use my background in biology and chemistry to assist my explorations in computer science.

What it does-It models the amino acids of a disease so that we can better understand how they work. We can compare diseases to each other based on structure, amino-acid position, and bonds. In doing this, we can better understand how a particular strain of virus functions by identifying similarities with known viruses.

How I built it- I used the glowscript IDE to 3D model any file of disease from this website as long as it is downloaded in the PDB format.

Challenges I ran into- My biggest challenge was calculating where molecules should go in the 3d space.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- I am proud of my code, but the true accomplishment for me was being able to work my passion for biology into my experiences with coding.

What I learned- In order to build this, I had to learn how to use the Glowscript IDE, how to transform objects in a 3D space, and how amino-acids work with a disease.

What's next for Amino-Acid Modeler- In the future, I would hope to accomplish bonding between particles and simulate interactions between viruses and its environment.

Built With

  • glowscript
  • protein-data-bank
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