We realized being connected to a friend and a support system where you can let your most vulnerable self out is critical in your journey to better mental health. What technology is great at is connecting people. Being heard and not feeling lonely, while working on improving self care with carefully selected activities is the support we hope to provide with our solution.

What it does

The solution we are building allows users to journey together with a buddy on their path to better mental Health. They pick their focus areas and are connected with a buddy who on the same journey as them. They can work on activities together and encourage each other every day.

The activities would be triggered from a carefully selected pool of proven tools used and crafted psychologist and therapists. Simple things like "Ask your buddy how they are feeling today? You would be surprised how much a simple question like that can help your amigo!" or "Breathe deeply for 30 seconds soon. Anything you are doing can surely wait for your well being :)" come as prompts to both the connected buddies in their chat.

How we built it

We have built a simple prototype now where the users can pick their one of 4 focus areas on their mobile app. For now, "Anxiety" is the one that works. Once chosen, they are taken into a lounge waiting to be connected to their buddy where they are presented with Helpful Tips and Coginitive helping cards also designed to help them in their focus area. Once connected to a buddy, they are pulled into a 1:1 chat where the buddies are presented with activities to work on together everyday.

Challenges we ran into

24 hours was totally not enough :) This only means that we will be continuing to work on it. Setting up the backend and deploying all the mutations, queries and subscriptions by itself took around a day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our backend is fully up and running: with User creation, Matching engine that matches users who are yet to find their journey buddies, queries to get the chats and trigger messages in chat.

Our client is also ready for prototyping with 3 different screens, picking Focus area, Lounging while being matched and the chat after the users are connected with real time chatting.

What we learned

What's next for Amigo

Crowdsourcing therapists, psychology and psychiatrict students who can draft the activities, follow up surveys that can build their "risk for intervention" profile with stats from their activities. The users will also be presented with a "I need help now!" button which will alert the nearby volunteers from the crowdsourcing to help asap and also 911 depending on the severity.

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