We are inspired by Summly app, which was a news summarization tool that was bought by Yahoo!

What it does

Given some content or a web hyper link, the chatbot can summarize the content and show the summary of the content in the slack messenger.

How we built it

We will host the chatbot service as a serverless AWS lambda service. The service will be invoked periodically passing in the currently entered message by the user. The chatbot service can get the webpage hyperlink or it can get the text to summarized. It will then scrape the web page content as needed, and use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate the summary of the content and send back the response to be shown in slack channel.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

AWS Serverless Architecture, using AWS Lamda and API gateway and writing a slack chatbot.

What's next for amigo

We will enhance the bot to understand if the user wants the top news in a certain category and show it from some pre-determined news content providers. Show image contents as well as part of the summary that will make it easier to understand the content being displayed.

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