As students we often find ourselves in a situation when we want to be social with our friends, but it's always a pain to constantly ask all of our friends and acquaintances. What if there was something that would let us know which one or more of our friends are interested in participating in the same or similar social activity...

As professionals, we often hear of various conferences, trainings, open presentations and similar. Maybe there is a bowling event coming up or even Friday drinks? It tends to be very awkward to ask all our "work friends" if they share interests or want to go to the same events?

Well now there is a solution. Amicis is a web app which enables you to indicate your interests in specific events or express your desires which matches you with your existing friends/colleagues that share interests in the same or generally similar events and desires. Just log in using your social or corporate network and kick start your new and more exciting social life. Because we believe that everyone should be Amicis! #YOLOSWAG!!

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