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Billions of teachers and students worldwide are not prepared for the crisis (source:–20_coronavirus_pandemic_on_education) and many lack the preparation needed to transition entirely online. Apps like Google Classroom, Classdojo, Webex, Zoom, and Khanacademy are costly/difficult to use and are optimally built to supplement in-person learning, not to serve as an all-in-one alternative.

American Teachers envisions a reality where the experience of going to school online will be superior than that of going to school in-person, adopting and centralizing the best features from great platforms, thereby revolutionizing how we educate people in the 21st century, and to serve as a global model for schools transitioning online.

What it does

The app provides existing/upcoming teachers and students the all-in-one online school platform necessary to create/continue their education. Teachers can create courses, import/create class materials, and invite students to their live virtual classroom meetings as well as host/join faculty meetings, while students can join existing/new courses, complete course materials, and visit other rooms (eg virtual field trip, student lounge, conference hall). It provides resources for teachers to recruit and engage students with certain interests, and resources for students to preview/join interesting courses, visit an academic counselor, and rooms they would like to create/join (subject to approval). Anyone can also visit other "Rooms" and have virtual field trips, join student/teacher lounges, and more!

The app aims to be the all-in-one platform for schools, adopting the best features from major platforms like Google Classroom/Zoom for live group chats, and Class dojo for assignments.

Under our own K-12 online school, teachers and students we hire/recruit would utilize our platform and adhere to a more efficient academic schedule (five 45-minute long courses, 1-hour lunch break) with a focus on letting students choose what they want to do/learn under the careful guidance of their teachers - modeled after the world's leading schools. Our ideal class size is 5 students for every teacher to maximize each student's performance.

How I built it

Acquired AmericanTeachers, AmericanEducationOnline, and TheBasicInternet .com domain names, Devpost for our project submission, Google Meet/Zoom for meetings, Invisionapp and Figma for user interface prototyping, Lucidchart for project workflows, Trello for assigning tasks (eg HTML code to design the Dashboard Page), Github and Google Clouds for web hosting/repository, and Slack for essential communications.

Challenges I ran into

Communication spanning 60 members across 12 different time zones, Accountability amongst team members, Implementation and Integration (eg UX/UI, front-end with back-end, marketing), and configuring an MVP.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing the backbone of our online school, creating our team's videos, and having a Dashboard page.

What I learned

It is difficult to articulate technical specifications and communicate between team members spread throughout the world. This opportunity also shows that a platform like this is what billions of people need to connect together more than ever.

What's next for American Teachers Development Project

Launching our MVP prior to our tentative launch date, further developing and refining the app/online school, adding compatibility with mobile devices, configuring a reliable business model, and recruiting full-time licensed faculty/students.

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