The goal behind this project was to create a unique music experience for those who are curious and eager to learn sign language. The app is geared towards people (generally those who are not familiar with sign language) who are looking for a way to engage in fun tutorials that optimize the methods in which they can remember the words and phrases that they learn. We thought that we could achieve this by creating an app that lets you learn how to sign the lyrics of any song that you choose. Not only does the user get to experience music in the shoes of a deaf person, but they also learn how to express themselves without the use of sound through signing. Essentially, they will be singing with signing.

We were inspired by the beauty of sign language and the idea of still being able to experience music without being able to hear the music, or even verbally communicate the lyrics. Our app aims to transport people in to an experience where they are encouraged to build a different kind of connection with music.

The design of our app integrates a simple and intuitive interface that allows the user to get the most out of their experience. They are able to choose between selecting an existing song that we have embedded in to our app, or upload a song that isn't already there. Shortly after selecting a song, they are given the choice of having a tutorial held at regular speed, so they can sign the songs normal speed, or of having the tutorial held at half speed if they are a beginner. This makes it easy for the user to follow along with the video tutorials at their own learning pace. The words appear one by one along with each video snippet so that the user knows where they are in the song.

None of us are familiar with sign language, which is why we were so inspired and driven to create a tool that we would use in order to learn the language. We believe American Sing Language is a creative and fun way to pick up sign language and be able to communicate with it in an engaging way in which lots of people can relate to.

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