What it does

We are here to supply the most convenient and helpful tools for the community to help advance education and awareness. Users will grant exposure to Sign Language which is used to communicate with people with hearing and talking disabilities. Along with some programs with a diversity of topics that are related to life and surroundings, users can also practice them by testing and searching them with the convenient search engine.

How we built it

We aim to create the most accessible and user-friendly website to assist people with disability. Therefore, we use React.js to build it.

From the start of this idea, our team had some struggles with learning to have a deep understanding of sign language. For the technical section, we had difficulty building a website that can be available for both disabled people and other people. For the business and development section, we had to research a lot about the sign language websites as our competition to find out the right pathway and realize our potential development in the long term of our website to test its application, availability, and efficiency. After 24 hours, we basically turned our original idea into a product. We are all proud of ourselves because of trying hard to collaborate and discuss creating the demo of the website, prototype, and business research. We learned a lot about the value of community and our responsibility of connecting and developing the community. We will try to improve our website to be more friendly-user and available to larger user segments by designing structures and varying the contents and improving the translation section in our website.

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