In today's world, fake news is a significant problem as the scale of those affected is large because media is in every language and used to communicate information around the world. Due to anonymity on the Internet, and the rapid sharing of information over social media, heavily biased news is accelerating polarization as the more clickbait or eye-catching a headline is, the more views it attracts. Humans have an unconscious tendency to bias attention towards negative news.

What it does

American Idiot (Green Day reference?) uses A.I. or Artifical Intelligence to detect fake news. It uses technology to automate mundane work. Fact-checking organizations are often small, with limited resources. They can only fact-check a limited number of claims.

Reduces echo chamber, increases democratic views, and supports news integrity.

This information is used to assess how the stake and impact of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action in technology.

How we built it

Web = Chrome extension: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a web chrome extension which calls our back-end fake news detection with a manifest. json file. Popup view calls background page.

Mobile = News app

A.I. = Fake news algorithm: Artifical Intelligence with Google's Tensorflow and a Kaggle dataset. Top 100 Keyword Features Extracted from the English Fake News Data Set where Teddy empowers citizens to recognise and trust correct scientific information

Blockchain = IPFS blockchain: advocates for news integrity as it builds trust on Ethereum's decentralized, immutable, peer-to-peer blockchainnetworks so that fake news via tampering, deepfakes, and edited/photoshopped files can be easily spotted.

What we learned

Learning about the fact-checking verification process

What's next for American Idiot

Deploy on google chrome store, chrome = each article has a % number next to it Specalized resouces fact checking for specific social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp. Look into deepfakes -website like snopes, where all the human-reported fake news gets published TWITTER BOT twitter feed for fact checking fake news add different languages more social media monitoring AI sentiment analysis connect people Meet people outside your echo chamber. -revenue model = no ads, search preference, loyalty points

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