The inspiration for this hack was poster for the 2013 Pi Day by Martin Krzywinski.

Can you construct 5000 digits of pi using baseball scores?

Since there are consecutive numbers in PI (as well as consecutive 0's) I couldn't use final game scores, so I instead used scores at the bottom or top of an inning.

What it does

Single page app where you can see a visual inspired by Martin Krzywinski's poster and tap/hover to see the PI digits and some basic game info.

How I built it

  • Custom SQL based on Stattleship data to calculate game inning scores based on scoreboard data
  • Custom SQL query to splits 5000 digits of PI into pairs and try to randomly match an inning score.
  • Export results to CSV
  • Ruby code to transform CSV to YAML to be using in the MIddleman static site
  • Singe page w/ HTML, SCSS and JQuery to render the markup, the "pie" of pi and display info

Challenges I ran into

  • There's maybe some duplicate inning scores, but I didn't try to make the unique.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The query to match PI pairs to score pairs.

What I learned

  • It really can be as American as baseball and apple PI

What's next for American as ⚾and apple π

Better UX. Game details. Different sets of PIs.

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