• To streamline the customer flight experience. While also never being late to your flights again, the frequent traveler will find the utmost convenience and modern technology experience. All the information you need from your flight one tap away.
  • Although customers are very important, our attendants and employees are also vital to the in-flight experience. We wanted to provide tools that would be helpful to improve for our customers travel experience.
  • We wanted to bring tools that allow our customers to interact with their personalized American Airlines information in an easy and intuitive way.

What it does

There are 3 components to this project:

  • The voice-assistant (Google Assistant integration)
  • The mobile companion app for users
  • A flight attendant companion interface with in-flight tools for customer services.

Voice Assistant

With the help of the Google Assistant, we were able to bring a pleasant experience to our customers and owners of Google Home devices, Android, and iOS.

With the voice assistant app you are able to execute the following commands:

  • Check the status of your flight
  • See if you will be running late for your upcoming trip
  • Track flight numbers for American Airlines
  • Tag and store other friend's flights to see when they will arrive! (We are always super excited to see our friends)
  • Chat with our assistant and ask for help in case of any difficulties.

With Google Assistant, American Airlines is with you wherever you go, always ready with necessary information.

Mobile Companion App

The mobile companion app brings all the tools and information you need whenever you are in a flight. With the Companion, you can order food, beverages, and other amenities from the comfort of your seat, and before the attendant gets to your seat.

Also, you can see relevant in-flight information such as:

  • Real-time flight status updates (departure and arrival time)
  • No smoking signs
  • Restroom availability
  • Seat-belt on / off zone
  • Other relevant information while your are traveling

With the mobile companion app, we hope to inform and provide comfort to our customers.

Flight Attendant Companion Interface

Flight attendants are also very important to us, and we would like to make their life as easy as possible. Our Flight attendant app allows them to see food/beverage/amenity orders that our customers are submitting real time, as well as their relevant information (name, seat number) in order to provide them with a customized in-flight experience.

Also, flight attendants are able to toggle status information to is displayed in the customer's Mobile Companion app. Attendants can toggle: restroom availability, real-time flight status, no smoking signs, seat belt on /off, etc...

We hope that these three information hubs improve the way our customer's travel, and display how important they are to us.

How we built it

Angular2, node.js, heroku, html, javascript, jquery, google home, google assistant, websockets, firebase.

Challenges we ran into

The project was very smooth until the final hours before submission. Our mobile and flight-attendant interfaces use websockets to communicate and provide real time data. We hide slight technical difficulties debugging communication issues between our two platforms, but we were able to sort them out minutes before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to bring three distinct products to our users; each one comes with their own set of strengths and value to the different types of customers American Airlines is proud to serve.

Also, we were able to learn many new technologies such as firebase databases, and websockets while still having tons of fun!

What we learned

We learned that team effort and time management are vital to the success of our project (haha this one is pretty obvious)

What's next for American Airlines Companion

We would like to expand the features that we provide through our Google Assistant integration. Allowing our users to use their voice provides a better user experience and can be almost similar to talk to a real human being.

Also, we would like to introduce flight booking , trip management, and other important features in our mobile Companion app.

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