1 in 5 people experience a mental health issue every year 8 people die every day in Australia more than road deaths or cancer 25% of 1M+ people calling support services are not answered

What it does

Amelie is an artificial intelligent chatbot that can help people discover how to improve their mental health; Mental health providers can use Amelie to triage their call volume and identify people at risk. Amelie can also help check in on people who have been discharged but are still at risk.

How we built it

Developed conversational search capability to discover domain specific content. Deployed to serverless architecture leveraging AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic Search and S3 Leverage 3rd party apis for NLP and real-time messaging

Challenges we ran into

Conversational AI is a challenge, and requires lots of data to build sophisticated models.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Slack integration for management and triage of calls.

What we learned

NLP is hard, and needs lots of data.

What's next for Amelie

Collect more data, so can build more intelligent platform.

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