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Hi All,

For those who are currently interested in testing out the demo system please visit the link above. Note: The complete functionality of the app expects a user to login since we are not focused on recreating the sales process of booking a flight (should be done through AirBerlin app itself) but trying to augment the experience of the user after they have booked a flight by addressing their additional needs - Uber, Weather, Flight Changes, etc.

If you would like to try the system feel free to use any of the following commands:

1) Show Ubers --> Will show the ubers available in current GPS coordinates (using Mahattan NYC)

2) Whats the weather in ATL? Whats the weather in Atlanta? --> Shows the 10 HR forecast for location.

3) Book a flight from JFK to MUC (works with any 2 airport codes) --> Shows available flight options, classes and pricing for any combination of flights.

Additional commands and integrations are still underway - we look forward to "teaching" Amelia several new tricks in the coming weeks.

Best, Eric Johnson

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