Crowd sourcing Nowadays important Reason of Corona Spreading. but Today total lock-down situation we need to buy or check up in one place. so we have to plan to implement Tense free Social Distance in Every place. 

What it does

  In this project we have to developed Cellular Network Distance Simulator, it is maintain the distance with others based on their position and their mobility. This Concept mainly concentrate about crowd possibility junction like Hospitals , Grocery shop or Food Production area. Here our simulator work the principle of , if the two objects near to junction automatically one object speed of mobility increases and other mobility decreases like collision Avoidance System.

How I built it

 using MATLAB tool, using full of Script ,it's Developed. so it easy to convert any real-time App.

Challenges I ran into

 if social distance Threshold increases, Automatically the mobility of object also increases Tremendously.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  Help to Covid-19 situation

What I learned

  learned Cellular Node Mobility.

What's next for Ambulance Crowd Avoidance System in Covid-19 Pandemic

  By using Mapbox get the position and speed of Ambulance/Object , Compute the Optimal scheduling time and Speed of Vehicle/Object to find with the help of server. Finally Create Crowd Free Situation Every-Where !!!

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